14 Sep

The Cabinet has approved measures to attract high potential foreigners to stay in Thailand for long-term stays, setting a 5-year goal to have 1 million high-economic foreigners/professionals in Thailand, increasing the amount of money spent in the economy worth 1 Trillion baht On September 14, 2021, at the Government House, Thanakorn Wang Boonkongchana, spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office, revealed that the Cabinet meeting (Cabinet) approved the principle of economic stimulus measures and investment. by attracting high-potential foreigners to Thailand in the form of long-term stay (long-term stay) with 4 target groups: 

(1) the global population with high wealth 

(2) the group of retirees from abroad 

(3) those who want to work from Thailand and 

(4 ) Special skilled group 

1) Long-term resident visa issuance defines a new type of visa for a group of high-potential foreigners. which will receive various exceptions and benefits related, such as the exemption for visa holders All long-term residents and Smart visas do not require written notice to the competent official if their stay exceeds 90 days. 

(2) Amendments to relevant laws or regulations, such as laws related to land ownership. Work management and allow foreigners to work for employers both within and outside the Kingdom. Exemptions from the rules requiring that one foreigner be hired must employ four full-time Thai employees, exemptions from various types of tax and customs procedures. 

Thanakorn said that the Cabinet has assigned the NESDB to conduct discussions with Office of the Board of Investment Ministry of Interior Ministry of Labor Royal Thai Police Ministry of Finance to consider taking action in the relevant part Spokesperson for the Prime Minister's Office It also revealed that the NESDB expects the implementation period of the measure within 5 fiscal years (2022-2026) will increase the number of foreigners living in Thailand by 1 million, increasing the amount of money spent in the economy worth 1 trillion baht. Increase investment in the country by 800 billion baht, generating income from taxation increased by 270 billion baht, which will give Thailand enough personnel with knowledge and expertise in various fields to support the business sector that the government aims to promote in accordance with the plan. 

The framework under the National Strategy (2018 - 2037) on the issues of future industries and services. and infrastructure Logistics and Digital However, the cabinet meeting also agreed as proposed by the NESDB to assess the overall project achievement every five years, including tax privileges and land ownership, to end after the effective date. 5 years, including assessing various measures If it is beneficial to the country, it can consider extending the enforcement period as appropriate. 



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