Thailand invites tourists to quarantine yachts

09 Mar

Visitors to Thailand will now be able to carry out the prescribed two-week quarantine on yachts. According to the country's government, this will not only help revive tourism that has died out due to the pandemic, but will also bring about two billion dollars in revenue to the yachting business. The proposal applies to tourists with a negative covid test, which, however, does not exempt them from the need to spend the prescribed period in self-isolation. For those who cannot afford to rent a separate yacht, cabins are offered on small cruise ships off the coast of Phuket. About 100 yachts will take part in the government program. Passengers will be provided with special bracelets that record body temperature and pressure, as well as perform GPS functions, which will exclude the possibility of going ashore ahead of time. 

In January, the authorities have already introduced another attractive scheme for tourists - quarantine in golf clubs. Usually golf courses are located far from densely populated areas, occupy vast territories, and clubs offer private houses for rent. Tourism is the main source of income for the Thai economy. The ban on flights has seriously affected the situation of the population, most of whom are employed in the travel industry. Before the pandemic, 40-50 thousand people arrived in Thailand every day; in March last year, the country completely closed its borders and began to gradually open only in October. But until now, the number of daily arrivals was in the hundreds, which is extremely small to support the tourism industry. The authorities plan to introduce a quarantine system in hotels from April or May, but so that guests can leave their rooms and spend time in comfort. Details of this plan will be announced later. 

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