17 Oct

'Vaccination passport'

 The documents required to request a COVID immunization certificate are as follows: 

1. Passport 

2. Proof of identity 

3. Certificate of vaccination for which you can get the VACCINATION PASSPORT

The director of the Bamrasnaradura Institute said that currently in Bangkok and surrounding areas, passports can be requested from 4 departments of the Department of Disease Control, namely: 

1. Bamrasnaradura Institute Nonthaburi Province, calls 0 2590 3427, 0 2590 3427 and 0 2590 3430 (on weekdays 8.30-16.00)

2. City Institute for Disease Prevention and Control (SSO), Bangkok, tel. 0 2521 1668

3. International Checkpoint for Infectious Disease Control Suvarnabhumi Airport Samut Prakan Province, email porthealth_bbk@ddc.mail.go.th

4. Department of General Infectious Diseases, Building 5, 6th Floor, Department of Disease Control, Nonthaburi Province, call 0 2590 3232, 0 2590 3234 at 35 or email travelhealth@ddc.mail.go.th

For more information, please contact the Department of Disease Control Hotline at 1422. 

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