Investment conditions
Dear investors and their representatives!

Conditions for accepting investments in the Kingdom of Thailand:

1. The minimum investment amount is 100.000 US dollars.

2. Guaranteed annual rate of 5% - 7% of the amount of investment. After the end of the contract 3, 5, 10 years, the investment is returned to the investor.

3. Registration of property immediately follows the information provided by the investor or his representative.

4. Investments in finished housing under construction (condominiums), land, hotel construction, purchase of available islands and reconstruction for hotels, resorts, residences,  luxury villas by the sea, luxury yachts.

5. Investments are accepted in the areas of the Kingdom of Thailand Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Samui.

6. The investor assumes all the costs of transferring investments to the Kingdom of Thailand to the account of our company in Thailand.

7. All necessary documents for legalizing investments in the Kingdom of Thailand, licenses, legal documents, legal support in the Kingdom of Thailand are accepted by our company at our own expense.

8. It is possible to conclude an agreement on making a profit on investments for a period of 3, 5, 10 years. Upon the expiration of the contract, it is possible to extend the contract with the written consent of both parties (the investor or his representative and our company).

9. Our company does not send money to open accounts, pay for certificates and so on (investments entered into the territory of the Kingdom of Thailand are not taxed) 
There are open company accounts in other countries, you can make transfers of investments to accounts convenient for you in your country (please check in your countries about the interest rate of investment tax) 
Company accounts outside of Thailand 

10. The signing of investment contracts can be carried out both at a personal meeting in our office, and at a remote distance through the offices of our companies (at the discretion of the investor).

11. Departure for a personal meeting outside the Kingdom of Thailand by our staff is not possible, if you need a personal meeting You arrive at our offices in Thailand. 

12. All investment contracts at the request of the investor can be registered with the relevant authorities of the Kingdom of Thailand.

The order of the central bank of the Kingdom of Thailand dated February 11, 2021 on restrictions and prohibitions related to investments in the Kingdom of Thailand for law firms registered in Thailand ruled that all inquiries related to the flow of investments and the requirement to pay for insurance, legal costs, obtaining certificates, paying lawyers for the release of investments outside the Kingdom of Thailand are suspected of fraudulent actions of a number of countries. All such issues and write-offs from the accounts of law firms will be regulated and decided by the investment departments of banks. 

If these conditions suit you and you are ready to invest in your property, in a business in the Kingdom of Thailand, our company will be happy to help you with this.

The investment project can take place in the presence of the investor's representative (from the moment of signing the investment contract throughout the entire construction period of the project) Payment for the investor's representative in the Kingdom of Thailand rests with the host of the project and the official registration of a Work visa with a work permit for the Kingdom of Thailand is carried out at the expense of the host company. investment project.