Partnership in the company

If you want to join our company as a partner, please see our offer: 

Both an individual and a company registered in any country in the world can join our company as a partner. 

A partner is part of our company in certain projects for which the paperwork is only for a company registered in Thailand (purchase of land, construction of a hotel, purchase of an island with the construction of a resort and infrastructure on the island) 

The partner provides funds for the project (the transfer of funds to the bank account of our company in Thailand is fully provided by the partner) If a partner in his country has questions about the transfer of payment of taxes, payment of lawyers, payment of documents, and so on, he is obliged to ensure the transfer of his funds at his own expense. 

Our company undertakes payment for obtaining documents, building permits, connecting the project to power grids, water supply, recruiting and training personnel, registering personnel with the Social and Medical Administration of Thailand, concluding contracts for attracting clients to the project, passing a fire safety check , insurance of this project, obtaining licenses to carry out activities in a particular project. 

The partner will receive 50% of the project's profit on a monthly basis. The partner will be able to verify and request information from the law firm on the profit of the joint venture in the project. If a partner wants to leave our company and leave the project, then he receives a refund of his funds minus the profit received, which will be confirmed by a transfer to the account of the partner specified in the partnership agreement. 

Projects for which we can accept a partner in the company: 

Hotel-Villa project
12 villas by the sea in Pattaya, Jomtien Beach, building plot area 3,800 sq.m
investment $ 22,000,000

Project result link Villa Resort, Dongtan Beach

NEW  Project Island Resort and Hotel
investment $ 2,750,000

Project location, photo, description  Island Resort and Hotel  

Current project Private island rental

NEW  Project Island Resort and Hotel
               investment $ 160,000,000

Project location, photo, description  Island Resort and Hotel

Current project Private island rental

NEW Hotel-residential complex DONGTAN BEACH 
Hotel for 49 rooms of different categories, residential complex for 51 apartments and penthouses with a private pool sea in Pattaya, Dongtan Beach, building plot area 3,800 sq.m
investment $ 35,000,000

Project result link Hotel-residential complex DONGTAN BEACH

NEW  Project Disco night club  
investment $ 3,500,000

Location of land for nightclub Central Pattaya, Bali Hai pier.

Project construction 6 months.

If you are interested in partnership in our company and want to join it, then we ask you to send applications indicating the project that you are interested in to the mail of the investment department

The department works from 08-30 to 17-00 from Monday to Friday

 from 8-30 to 16-00 on Saturday